Adolecent Hurricane, Linocut Collage, 24inx36in, 2011

Air, Polymer Photograuvre, 22inx29in, 2008

All Men Are Dogs, Mixed Media, 22inx22in, 2012

Bee Awear, Polymer Photogauve, 22inx22in

Blood Ties, Linocut Archival Paper Ink Red Ribbion, 24inx36in, 2012

Breath, Polymer Print, 22inx28in, 2009

Bunny And Baby, Archival Paper Pencil, 22inx22in, 2011

Close Knit, Linocut Collage, 24inx36in, 2011

Cockadoodledoo, Mixed Media, 22inx22in, 2012

Domestic Warrior, Linocut Collage, 24inx36in

Dream a Little Dream, Polymer Print On Wood, 22inx29in, 2008

Fire Dress, Linocut Collage, 24inx36

Flight, Vintage Wallpaper Linocut, 18inx22in

Fly On The Wall, Polymer Print, 22inx22in, 2011

Hawaiian Type 1, Archival Paper, 24inx24in, 2012

Hawaiian Type 3, Archival Paper, 24inx24in, 2012

Hawwian Type 2, Archival Paper Ink, 24inx24in, 2012

Home Sweet Home, Vintage Wall Paper Linocut, 22inx30

I Always Get My Man, Mixed Media, 14in, 2012

Corn Fed, 21inx21in

Touch, Polymer Photograuvre,18x22

Monkey Business, Polymer Print, 18X22

Apron Strings, Polmer Print Pencil, 20x24

Piolet, Archival Paper Ink Linocut, 24inx36in, 2012

Pussy, Mixed Media, 22inx22in, 2012

Red Lady, Mixed Media, 12in, 2012

Rope, Polymer Print, 18inX24in, 2008

Shoot, Archival Paper Found Paper Linocut Ink, 35inx42in, 2012

Slice Of Life, Vintage Wallpaper Linocut, 22x30in

Spider, Polymer Print, 22inx22in, 2011

Spine Fish, Polymer Print Pencil, 22inx29in, 2008

Strike, Linocut Collage, 24inx36in

Trust Me, Archival Inkjet Print with Plastic Figure, 24inx24in, 2012

Two Faced Indian Giver, Archival Paper, 24inx24in, 2012